“Productivity comes at its finest, but you have to make the best out of it”

First of all, I am an open-minded person, which means I hold certain qualities of a rational and decent human. I hold no absolute hate towards others unless proven with an intentional fault that goes beyond my morals. Feel free to discuss things with me and I’ll try to answer them to the best of best.

My name is Andrea Fullona, a fifteen year old studying as a Grade 10 student. I live in the Philippines and a female Pilipino(or Pilipina in terms).

As you will observe with my writings, English is definitely not my mother tongue. You English speaking people talk so casually whilst others struggle with fluency. I do hope that it does not sound cringey at all.

Let’s talk about my life, I live averagely, not too rich and not(yet) poor. My mother died a year ago, I have a little brother, an older sister and a caring father. I dreamed of travelling around the world, and I still dream of it in the present. History seems to be the subject I am most interested, and maybe in the future, it will positively impact my choice in college. I’m diligent, when in the mood. I’m persistent, if it’s worth it. I’m consistent, if I truly enjoy what I am doing.

Revelations come to a point and here’s where I call mine. I’m somewhat a fangirl. Nope. Slash that. I’M A HUGE FANGIRL. and no, not the Idol “fangirling” one. I am a multishipper and a multifan, which means I ship a lot characters and in part of many fandoms except Idol-centric ones. I’m a child, an adult, a nerd, a socialist, an outcast and even an idiot. I mostly ship gay pairings but open for heterosexual ones if not forcibly shoved in my face. I watch kid cartoons like transformers, ben 10, danny phantom and voltron. I also watch adult cartoons like campcamp, southpark and archer. Anime fan here too. Tv series is a yes. And a movie addict. Book references are fanfiction but loves original plots too.


Likes and Dislikes? Don’t be an ass and I’ll like you, be a jerk and you’ll get more than loathing feelings from me.

“Live and Let Live”